Boss Lady Tips


The Empowerment of Women… Increasing Strength and Confidence 

A Female that is extremely successful, confident, strong and has plenty of power… who is in control, in charge, who holds her own, giving others standards to abide by… who is independent, intelligent, respected and knows exactly what she wants and needs and speaks her mind.


#1 A woman who knows how to be a leader… A Female BOSS

#2 A woman who is in control, strong and knows exactly what she wants

#3 A woman who is independent, intelligent, respected and confident

#4 A woman who is never afraid to speak her mind

#5 Females who do what they please without no questions and stays in control

#6 A woman who is self-motivated and focused        

#7 A woman who works hard towards her goals and strives for success

#8 A woman who is her own person… own mind… own thoughts

#9 A  woman who understands her money like the bible

#10 A woman who is stylish with swag and makes anything she wears look so fab

#11 A woman who is always prepared

#12 A woman who has her own

#13 Women who are ambitious go-getters

#14 Someone unique, special and different who stands out

#15 A woman that sets her rules and changes them at any time 

#16 Females that create their own money

#17 A woman who knows when to be classy or sassy

#18 A woman who plays her cards right

#19 A Goal Digger rather than a Gold Digger!

#20 Females who know exactly how to take care of business

#21 A woman that plays the game to WIN

#22 A woman that is born to succeed

#23 A woman who demands respect and gets it

#24 Females who dare to be different, unique and individual… Trendsetters

#25 A woman that knows her worth 

#26 Women that cook up plans as good as meals

#27 Act like a Lady, Think like a Boss!

#28 Real women expect nothing and appreciate everything

#29 A woman that keeps her eyes on the prize

#30 A woman that knows what she deserves and goes out and gets it





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