Boss Man Tips


A Man who is respected and acknowledged of being in charge of the situation, who has the power to lead, control, command, influence and owns his stage with a presence… A Man who is successful, knows how to create money to make money and knows how to take care of his business and runs it like a BOSS.


#1 Acts like a BOSS… Thinks like a BOSS… Lives like a BOSS… Loves like a Man!

#2 A Man that lives by his rules and dies by his rules

#3 Loved or Hated but still Respected

#4 A Man who never goes down without a fight

#5 A Man that drives his life like his car; cool, in control, fast and has the time of his life

#6 A Male who acknowledges his role as a Man

#7 BOSS Men take charge and gets the job done!

#8 A Man not afraid to work overtime… works hard… plays hard

#9 A Man that has the presence of a BOSS when he walks in the room 

#10 A Man that would rather walk away than fail

#11 A Man always on top of his game

#12 A Man who has his attention focused on the prize

#13 A Man that has his mind on his money and his money on his mind

#14 A Man who uses his powers to control, command and influence

#15 A Man who knows when to suit it up

#16 A Man that knows how to create money, to make money

#17 A Man that spots an opportunity when there is one

#18 A Man that eats, sleeps and breathes his job to live a comfortable life for all

#19 A Man who can multiply his assets

#20 One who values his time and does not waste it… Time waits for no Man!

#21 A Man that knows how to choose the right BOSS Woman to compliment him

#22 A Man that does it well or not at all

#23 A Man that never doubts unless it’s a reasonable doubt and one that counts

#24 A Man that sees no other as greater than he, but allows for exceptions proven to be

#25 A Man that steps on the gas when it’s time to go fast

#26 A Man that knows how to be a Man

#27 A Man that has a straight talking, get to the point type of attitude

#28 A Man who fixes the problem and moves on

#29 A true Man who doesn’t just promise but also commits!

#30 A strong, real Woman can do it on her own but a strong, real Man wouldn’t let her





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